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A Luxurious Gift Guide: All about that Monogram

My favourite type of gift to give is anything monogrammed. There is nothing that says luxury, elegance, and thoughtfulness like a monogrammed gift.  The simplest (and even most cost conscious) item can have its’ status elevated by the embellishment of a beautiful well placed monogram.

That said, the idea of monogramming still causes the occasional eye roll for those who incorrectly assume it’s a pretentious gesture – I disagree.  For me, it’s a nod to the refinement of things past and a lovely way to solidify your personal brand in a practical and artistic way.  And yes, while the monogram has historical roots in the aristocracy, it has evolved over the last few centuries into a decidedly more accessible and widely used way of marking one’s personal property with a sense of flare.

There’s something about a monogram that makes use of the item it adorns all the more special – my personal favourite are my Frette monogrammed sheets – a splurge for sure – but it brings me joy every time it adorns our bed.

The giving of personalized gifts take some planning – they aren’t something you can get 2 days before you need it – so plan well ahead, so you have enough time to have the monogramming done, and shipped back to you if ordering from a foreign store. If you’re super busy, (and I know you are), monogrammed gifts are a practical way to go as they force you to execute early (making last minute shopping an unlikely unpleasantry).

I’ve compiled a few of my favourite monogrammed items that would make wonderful gifts for the upcoming Christmas season or just for when an outstanding gift is in order– and since we all deserve a bit of luxury too – why not throw your own name into the mix for that special monogrammed treat – I won’t tell – and you can thank me later.

P.S. Don’t forget to present your beautiful gift in wrapping worthy of the contents! Cheers!